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Your Health

In this section we are hoping to encourage more self care for minor ailments. It's important to know where is best to get the right treatment from the right service. There are also some conditions that can be treated by you at home if you click on the Minor Illness link we have a lot of useful information. We also have information on Long term conditions, Pregnancy Care and other Health Promotion.

NHS Choice have a great Digital App Libary. There are lots of digital tools to help patients manage and improve their health. There are lots of Apps covering a large variety of health conditions including Asthma, Mental Health, Cancer, Diabities, Pregnancy and more. Click here for more information

We have recently updated our Mental Health and Wellbeing section to include a lot more information about mental health and wellbeing services in York and online resources you can use.

There is a new comprehensive website for self help for MSK/Physio problems. These could be issues such as back, neck or shoulder pain. There is lots of advice on the page relating to MSK issues and you can now self refer for the physio service too. Just follow the link here.

The York Sexual Health Service has a comprehensive website developed for both clinicians and patients. There is a self-care portal with details on self-swabs for STI screening (both Chlamydia testing for under 25s and quadruple testing for over 25s) follow the link here



Your pharmacy can often be a great place to start if you are feeling unwell. Lots of Pharmacies can offer many of the services a GPs can and you don't need to have an appointment. Pharmacists will have trained for 5 years and can offer expert advice. They can often help resolve an issue then and there without having to arrange an appointment. Also they can offer medication without a prescription that can sometimes be cheaper than a cost of a prescription from a doctor. If they are unable to help you with an issue they can sometimes help liaise with your surgery to arrange an appointment as well. Below is a list of some of the minor ailments they can help you with.