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Order Your Repeat Prescription Online

Repeat Prescriptions

Patients on long-term medication can order repeat prescriptions in a number of ways:

  • By post - send it to us with a stamped addressed envelope if you want us to post it back to you.

  • In-person - drop your request slip in at reception with the required items clearly marked.

  • Online - follow the link at the top to order if you are already registered for online services. If you would like to register please follow this link for more information.

Please note that when making a request for repeat medication on the online services that you make a repeat request and a custom request separately otherwise one will override the other.

  • Over the phone - ONLY at our Monkgate Practice has a prescription line. Please call 01904 439100 select the query line and then Monkgate and the prescription line.

Please allow 72 hours for prescriptions to be processed and remember to take weekends and bank holidays into account. Your prescriptions will available for collection after 3 pm. Please note, that we are changing our prescriptions to 28 days

If you are in need of an Emergency Prescription please follow this link for more information.


Electronic Prescription Service 

The Electronic Prescription Service allows your prescription to be sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice. To sign up, you need to speak to your preferred pharmacy and complete a form to confirm that they can receive your prescription directly.

Once you have signed up, your chosen pharmacy will receive your prescription electronically and you will not have to pick up your paper prescription from us.

If you have already nominated a pharmacy, your prescription will be sent to them electronically unless you tell us otherwise. If you need to obtain a paper prescription for any reason, just let us know at the time of ordering.

This service is optional and you can continue to collect paper prescriptions as you do now if you prefer.         

For more information, please speak to your pharmacist.

Medication Reviews

Patients on repeat medication will be asked to see a doctor, nurse practitioner or practice nurse at least once a year to review these regular medications and notification should appear on your repeat slip. Please ensure that you book an appropriate appointment to avoid unnecessary delays to further prescriptions.

Prescriptions Charges and Exemptions

Extensive exemption and remission arrangements protect those likely to have difficulty in paying charges (NHS prescription and dental charges, optical and hospital travel costs).  The NHS prescription charge is a flat-rate amount which successive Governments have thought it reasonable to charge for those who can afford to pay for their medicines.  Prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) offer real savings for people who need extensive medication.

NHS charges

These charges apply in England only from April 2019. In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales prescriptions are free of charge.

  • Prescription (per item): £9.00

  • 3-month PPC: £29.10

  • 12-month prepayment certificate (PPC): £104.00

    If you have to pay for four or more prescription items in three months or more than 15 items in 12 months, you may find it cheaper to buy a PPC. 

  • Telephone advice and order line 0845 850 0030

There is further information about prescription exemptions and fees on the NHS website

28 Day Repeat Prescribing

According to the Department of Health, a 28-day repeat prescribing interval is recognised by the NHS as making the best possible balance between patient convenience, good medical practice and minimal drug wastage.

In line with this guidance, our standard will shortly become 28 days prescribing to ensure safe repeat prescribing. Pre-payment certificates may help some patients financially and repeat dispensing may offer for patients on regular and stable medication.

Please use your usual reviews to discuss your medication.