Following the success of our Urgent Care Clinics and feedback from patients and staff, from 5th March 2018 we will be improving access to Urgent and Routine appointments across York Medical Group sites. YMG has recruited more clinicians to support the Urgent Care Team with specialist knowledge to help with urgent problems. This has enabled us to offer more routine, GP bookable appointments.

Urgent Care Team

The Urgent Care Clinics will now be based at Water Lane,  Monkgate, Tower Court and Acomb/Woodthorpe. 

Water Lane will house our main Urgent Care Team where there will be a full team of Clinicians to look after your Urgent needs. The team will be able to offer you direct access to routine tests, such as blood tests, ECGs and further specialist help if required, such as back, neck and shoulder pain problems.

Routine Appointments

The changes to our clinical team has enabled YMG to offer more routine appointments to our patients across all sites.  We have also been able to increase appointment times to 15 minutes to allow clinicians to provide best care for our patients and complete any necessary admin work associated with your appointment.


We have highly trained Clinicians who can visit and assess patients should a visit be required. Please ring as early as possible so your details can be passed to a Clinician for assessment. At present we are working in conjunction with the York Ambulance Service who, at the direction of York Medical Group, will visit when appropriate.