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Never any appointments and you can’t never decide on the doctor you would like to see
You can never get through on the phone to make an appointment!
Cannot fault the wonderful GPs and Nurses. There is a huge issue with answering the phone, which is frustrating. Requesting of prescriptions is a hit or miss. Majority of the time prescriptions are missed leaving you without medication for a couple of days. This is unacceptable and needs addressing urgently.
Service isn't very friendly and recently encountered a very poor system for getting a clinical and urgent letter needing to be written. It ended up being delayed by a while month. This needs to be addressed.
My daughter had an appointment late afternoon yesterday, the member of reception staff (Slim, dark hair) was so rude to her that she ended up in tears! She raised her voice and embarrassed her in front of all the other patients in the waiting room. All because she said the doctor had requested to see her in 10 days. She flew her arms in the air, saying well we haven’t got any, nothing I can do , but in a very abrupt manner. (This is not my 1st experience of this). She didn’t even ask what the appointment was for. The staff on the desk are the 1st point of contact for patients, They should have a little compassion, after all we don’t visit there because we are well!
make seeing doctor earlier than 3 weeks
the nurses and doctors very friendly and helpful but I've had to wait 25 minute's over my appointment which caused me to be late to work and a different appointment.
nobody ever answers the phone ive had to ring water lane to make an appointment to see a doctor at 32 Clifton.