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Excellent service from Tower Court. Deal with problems quickly and in a professional manner.
I went in with headaches. The GP repeatedly and rudely asked about my weight. Which was irrelevant.
I am finding the new telephone system very frustrating. My experience is you are on hold for a long time (13 minutes), you are told to call back and get through and then get told to call back at 08.00 in the morning, or 12.00 lunchtime, and when you do (and struggle to get through), you then get told its too late. I've also been told that I am ringing the incorrect surgery (I only have one number?) and get transferred, and then get disconnected. I also find it frustrating that every time you have to listen to the full message and then get cut off. I know its a new system but I am not finding it user friendly.
Fiona is a good nurse, does not fuss.
Been a patient here for over 6 years now and whilst patient care from th doctors has remained excellent, waiting times for appointments and reception staff have gotten significantly worse. Average wait time to see my preferred GP is 3 weeks now, and average wait time at the practice is about 45 minutes later than actual appointment time. Speaking to reception staff both in person and over the phone, I’ve found them to be rude and very uncaring at times - I suffer severe mental health issues and this attitude has led me to not ring in for help when I’ve needed it, for fear of encountering rude receptionists. I don’t want to switch practice due to the great trusting relationship I’ve built with my doctor, but I’m starting to have to consider it.
Long wait for appointments. Constant mistakes made with prescriptions, for both myself and my father with Parkinson's. GP failed to diagnose Parkinson's and surgery refused to come on a home visit when my father had Pneumonia. Formal complaint is going to be made.