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cannot get appointments, wait so long on new number for phone to be answered
rubbish doctors with terrible unfit waiting rooms
friendly staff, I also like the phone call consultations. More appointments for people
seen on time, felt concerns listened too and addressed. 3 weeks to get an appointment for routine GP.
drs are friendly, helpful and concerned about me.
Dawn Knott is absolutely superb. She truly embodies the six C's and makes difficult tasks so much easier
Wait far too long for an appointment, 3 weeks to be exactbb Then told one of your blood tests are deranged and you would need to speak to a doctor With a telephone consultation. Only to be told the next available conversation can be in two weeks time. Unbelievable. Terrible service.
Far too long wait for appointments. Only one ‘issue’ at a normal appointment despite problems are often related.
Feel like the reception staff / patient care coordinators always strive to do their best to get you an appointment and are always courteous and friendly. Dr Ghosh my own GP is caring and always makes you feel listened to and understood.
I've previously been to doctors who haven't taken mental health seriously, but my experience with York Medical Group has always been positive.
Easy to see someone same day if urgent, telephone handlers very helpful and supportive, and GPs are all lovely
So apart from the frustrating telephone system ...(ahhh!!) Although I had to wait several weeks for an appointment, everything was on time and I've never been rushed. I also know that if I need urgent treatment I would be seen straight away... always have been thank you. Dr Hammond and Dr Inwood always take time and trouble with both myself and my husband which is really appreciated and I know we're not a statistics which we could be elsewhere. So thank you.
Waiting time for routine appointmentd
Dr summers is very helpful, it always a pleasure to deal with him. I always got appointments when I need them. Very little delays
You have NO DOCTORS. It takes SIX WEEKS to get a routine face to face appointment now. The practice management should resign in shame! The booking process is a sham with no slots available on line and a waiting time of up to an hour on the phone line. I resorted to attending the surgery to book an appointment. A total farce.
Can never get a appointment with doctor even though I have serious issues with my breathing
Unable to get an appointment at nearest practice so have to travel around York to get one.
Response and care were provided at the point of need and followed up with appointment and treatment. Thank you.
Happy with the level of care, the only exception to this is the difficulty in making an appointment.
Good telephone connection to very helpful receptionists assures fast positive response and same day appointment where necessary
It's very hard to get appointment with a doctor event hough their is never hardly any people waiting. In waiting room. The doctors are lovely esp Dr doctor Boltor Dr Mai with the lovely Tracey on reception, she is so kind and helpful.
All the doctors and staff are fantastic. Waiting time at surgery was only a couple of minutes. The only down side which I hate with a passion is your horrendous new phone system. This really is very very bad which is a real shame.
Quick efficient service from friendly staff
Was waiting an hour for my doctors appointment. With my 2year old. Not good
It’s incredibly difficult to get an appointment and issues seem not be be being dealt with. For example, I have suffered with headaches for over 24 months and was told i would have follow up appointments led by the Gp - this has been incredibly difficult to arrange.
Practice is so large if you can get an app it sometimes means travelling to anither venue.Difficult when ill with no transport.
Very friendly and caring staff, and plenty of dr’s surgeries within the group.
Quick appointment
Excellent caring doctor's,
Polly on reception is amazing at her job. She is so patient with even the most taxing situations and tries her utmost to find a solution for the patient. She can deescalate potential conflict very skilfully. Reception seem faced with an impossible task (ie no same day appointments to book by 8.20 in the morning and no routines for 3 weeks) but I watched her navigate this with great calmness and respect.
I always have had a very good experience with the doctors at Monkgate and with all of the reception staff on the phones. One lady has been especially helpful to me and my children, I think her name is Elaine. The only problem I have had recently is getting an appointment. There are often times when my children don’t need to be seen that day but four weeks is too long to wait. I also prefer to go to the same surgery but find if we want an appointment we have to move around a lot of GPs.
You got helpful staff
I did not receive the phone call I was booked in for
All staff are very kind; professional and understanding. Will go above and beyond to help with requests and always listen to you. Dr Plummer and Dr Robinson are exceptional Doctors who I highly recommend. They are a credit to the practice.
Always had very good service from this group.
Always had very good service from this group.
From my recent experiences at Tower Court I think the receptionists are really helpful and I have seen Dr Inwood a few times who has an excellent manner & puts me at ease as I suffer from extreme anxiety. Dr Hammond is also a lovely GP too.
The receptionist are very caring and go out of there way to help you
Waited over 50 minutes for appointment when there was no one else in the surgery, had to go and ask if they had forgotten about my 82 year old mum
Always informative & listen
Never had any problems, helpful staff
Prompt and very helpful consultation
The nurses are fantastic especially Alexis and Linda they are so professional and their attitude towards patients is amazing
The reception staff are very helpful. I also like the referral to a medical practitioner before giving a same day appointment. The standard of care that have received has been first class.
You have to wait too long to see your preferred doctor
Takes weeks to get an appointment then it might be cancelled it happened to me twice.
Doctors are good but waiting time for face to face appointments, phone appointments and even just waiting to talk to the Reception is extremely long and disappointing