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have better faculties for disabled. don't cancel appointments. have appointments available. don't make patients wait 3 weeks for an appointment.
very efficient service.
staff are always welcoming and friendly.
excellent experience with the midwives- they have all been very welcoming, friendly and informative. have had no issues booking appointments etc. lovely receptionists
Online System really helpful and its nice that we can access any of the surgeries in York Medical Group
Day 1 - Its never been harder to ring up and get an appointment the same day. Rang 0800 on the dot. Got to number 2 after 20 mins then got off. Rang back later. 2nd Call - got the patronising call "you call is important to us - we are busy - please call back later" 3rd Call - Sorry no slot today. Ok can I book a slot for Friday ? "no there is a 4 week wait. Try ringing up up tomorrow. Day 2- rang at 0800 "we are busy call back later ! No appointments............ Day 3 - I'm going to walk down ! Sorry but service is abysmal it has never been worse. Scrap it !