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Mother of Student. Helping my Daughter. Debbie Receptionist very Helpful.
Did my height and weight for me at reception
For ages now we can't get an appointment sooner than 3 weeks time which is a scandal and you appear to have no plans to address it!
Lack of appointments available with a nurse. Appointment booking online is very difficult as very few appointments show.
Friendly welcoming staff that put you at ease.
Not impressed that elderly people are forced to try and get to the medical centre because doctors refuse to do house calls and do not consider that some of us are housebound. Telephone system doesn't work and hasn't worked properly for years. It would be irresponsible of you should you blame BT. You have a care of duty to your patients to ensure they get the proper treatment they need and not get fobbed off by being told a doctor will phone you back. How can a doctor diagnose the problem if they can't see the problem?
It is very difficult to see the same person twice if you work full time
I don't use the surgery much but getting appointments can be difficult
Lovely surgery with friendly staff
Do not change a thing, best staff ever(monkgate)