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11.15am appointment not seen until 11.45, doctor i saw went for a cup of tea at 11.25 and was away from 11.40 - 11.45 this medical group is going downhill fast and i will not be recommending it to any one
2.25pm in the afternoon and I am still waiting for my late morning doctors call. I have had to waste the whole of my day off. It is impossible to get through on the phone line to Monkgate branch for an explanation. As patients we are being held to ransom with a totally inadequate service. Roll on your next CQC visit.
You provide no health care service but accept payment for me as a patient. I cannot get a telephone appointment. Online there are no available appointments up to the 23rd November at Monkgate. Working people need sensible access to health care. You do not provide this
Free text online prescription request. If these are not going to be issued you should let the patient know so that the patient can take further action. I had to contact the pharmacist and ask why a particular prescription had not been delivered to me. When I contacted the surgery the dozey receptionist said we are not issueing because it is not on a repeat. Surely a patient should be informed of the decision?
Slow telephone response. Longwinded explanations and button pressing process to actually get through. Inadequately trained receptionists. To wait for a telephone consultation for over a week and then to be given a late morning slot which at 1.40 has still not been answered. Working people cannot spend the whole of their day waiting for a go to get back to them.
Dr Scarsbrook is a fantastic GP - waiting times for appointments can be long but worth it to see such a good doctor.
Every time I have needed help everyone at the practice has responded quickly, efficiently and very friendly
Still difficult to get an appointment with your doctor of choice.Now I see they want to close small surgery's for a trial period at peak holiday times due to staff shortages and to alleviate stress levels for staff and re-direct patients to other surgery's.This will be difficult for elderly patients to get to other surgery's if they do not drive,or public transport is not an option. They no longer put their patient's needs as a priority since they became part of a large group. It is therefore not surprising that most people would not recommend York Medical Group.
Very Good Staff-felt comfortable
Nurse Chris is super lovely+does a good dressing.
Friendly Staff. Appointment times need improving
The practice has gotten much bigger over the years and it's not always a good thing. You can't get an appointment when you need one - it can take a LONG time on the phone while the receptionist TRIES to find a suitable slot, only to be told there are none, please phone back next week!
great service
If you HONESTLY have no appointments you shouldn't ask what the issue is. Needless breaking of confidentiality. Please don't refer to 111 before 6, it's just bad customer service. I feel you need to have someone professional triaging calls as something that you deny an appointment for (despite calling at 8 and 12) ranks as needs contact with primary care within 2 hours from 111. If you cannot provide the service, you need to reduce your workload, this is dangerous and I worry what will happen if my grandma (or any vulnerable group of patients) needs you.
I have been well looked after for over 30 years except now its organised more business like or should I say up to date. I have never had reason to complain or fear any diagnosis might be anything but reliable. I am most grateful to all.
Yvonne really helpful and informative chris and Debbie absolutely delightful in high spirits and very welcoming
Dr Tunstall & Debbie were so helpful and supportive and credit to the clinics!