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Acomb medical seems to have lost lots of prople as most my family changed practice and it always disgeartemed me i was left and i live local it just dose not seem a homly practice or up graded on transgender issues or mental health care or good at getting person centred with a regulat doctor patient care
I haven't had to seek much care from the practice. For the most part (especially given the strain on Dr's everywhere) the service has been friendly and helpful.
good, friendly service :)
It is becoming more and more difficult to get an appointment. The phone system is terrible. Trying to call at just after 8am and was 23rd in the que. I have called regularly today and never got below 4th in the que. By the time I get through there are rarley any appointments left. The repeated recorded messages played when on hold are infuriating after 10 minutes. I have chronic conditions and sometimes I know I need to see a GP face to face because they have told me so but the receptionist will only give me a telephone appointment. I have previously tried to book well in advance only to be told to call back nearer the time, and then there are no appointments left. I very, very rarley see the same GP twice which must negativily impact on my care. I am considering changing GPS because it is getting worse and the phone system is so bad.
There are no doctor appointments available.
Unable to get through on the phones constantly. Doctors don't listen to patients and have already made there mind up on diagnosis. Poor service and dangerous which leads to delay in correct treatment(s)
Lack of available appointments is really bad but the doctors are all great.
After being requested to make an appointment by a doctor, I tried on-line for 8 days, then, telephoned and received one for 5 weeks time. Plenty of clinic appointments but never any doctors now.
Always friendly staff and excellent quality of service. Extremely difficult to get normal GP appt but that is across the NHS. Always help when they can.
Unable to book OPA for FU review for a time that is suitable i.e. early AM/late PM. Only OPA within 2 weeks are visible on line, the only way to book is via phone which can be difficult when I am at work when the surgery is open.
From 11th March controlled drugs can now be sent electronically like other medicines to your pharmacy.Yet on 25th March I was told by Dr.at Woodthorpe that my prescription would be sent electronically to Tesco.however this did not happen and had to collect from surgery as Tesco had not received it and hard copy sitting in Dr. reception area. On Tuesday 23rd April the same medication requested on line as a non repeat request.On line says can be collected at Tesco on 26th April. On 26th April after ringing surgery told waiting to be signed by Dr. and to collect at 6pm! Receptionist confirmed only Woodthorpe within York Medical group seem to be having problem not being able to send controlled drugs electronically to pharmacies. Tesco confirm other practices doing controlled drugs now electronically but a problem for Woodthorpe it would appear. Patients at Woodthorpe are being let down but why?If you do not chase up the request you can be left not knowing what is happening and probably run out of these drugs especially if just before a weekend. What then ring 111?
Friendly doctors/nurses who take time to listen and have a genuine interest in helping. This is really appreciated as attending doctors can be daunting in itself regardless of medical issue that is presenting. Excellent service from booking apt procedure to seeing someone and collecting prescriptions. Thank you for all your help and support